Current Research

Our Knowledge Mining Laboratory (KML) has as a major interest developing computational methods, tools and resources to facilitate and speed up biological and medical discoveries using bioinformatics systems in combination with Big Data ​​modeling and AI/machine learning. Emphasis is on the inference of new information not explicitly present in biomedical data, development of systems possessing such capabilities based on the use of AI/machine learning models, and industrial applic​​​ations of such systems. Related to these, KML engages as necessary in problems of information integration; automated knowledge-, text- and data-mining; use of AI/machine learning modeling in biomedicine; development of bioinformatics tools & resources; identification of biomarkers (screening, diagnosis, prognosis); drug repositioning and identification of drug combinations for treatment of different diseases. Specialization: Biomedical knowledge-, text- and data-mining; AI/machine learning modeling; drug repositioning and drug combinations; diagnostic, screening & prognostic biomarkers; information integration; function inference of ncRNA and coding transcripts; metagenomics, gene regulation, systems biology. ​